Negotiate design details and requirements

  1. Customers provide design drawings. Mark design requirements and fabric use details. Our designers provide feedback and production suggestions according to customer requirements.

  2. The customer provides the concept map and the reference picture. Our designers put forward their opinions and suggestions on the design. Or draw a design sketch to confirm the design intent.

  3. . Picture copy style. Our designers put forward suggestions and similarity assessments.

Fabric selection

  1. The customer has designated the fabric. We choose the same or similar fabric according to the customer's request. Take a photo for customer.)

  2. The customer provides the fabric. (we provide the quantity of the fabric. The freight is borne by the customer.)

  3. The customer provides the sample. We choose the same or similar fabric according to the sample garment.

  4. We recommend fabric types according to the reference pictures and take photos to confirm the customers.if the customer needs to mail the sample fabric. the freight will be borne by the customer.

  5. Directly help the customer to choose the most suitable material. suitable for sample clothing and picture styles